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We have sent the website out to many of our clients and have gotten very positive feedback! Good job!  We couldn't be happier!

Thanks much!!!

Catherine & Kaye
dea design

“Denise has been instrumental in bringing energy and focus to our marketing efforts. Her collaborative approach has helped us tap into a creative process while maintaining a great sense of who we are and what we are trying to communicate. Also, she’s the best marketing dictator, ever!”

G. Michael Nottoli, Principal
Milwaukee, WI

“Denise is a very creative and dedicated professional. She was always a great team member and willing to work collaboratively."

Robin Barry
Health Care Market Development Administrator, American Society for Quality (ASQ)

“Denise is true to her word--she delivers on her promise and will exceed your expectations. Professional, Creative and Dedicated to an excellent end product!"

Karen Wells
Director of Education , Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation

“Denise's strong commitment to support her values and willingness to put time and effort to causes she cares about is commendable. She has a great ability to connect people and uses her network to augment any job at hand."

Maria Cadenas
Executive Director , Cream City Foundation

“Denise is a bottomless pit of creativity. She has been instrumental in teaching/showing me what kind of advisor I am and want to be."
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative

Kyle Breitzman
hired Denise as a Career Coach in 2007

Denise helped to draw it out! She is an idea person as well as someone who can execute a plan with great style and effectiveness. Denise also has facilitated marketing workshops that got me thinking and sparked many ideas that I plan to put into use; I plan to consult with her further regarding my own business needs."

Maryann Gorski
Owner, Maryann Gorski & Assocs., LLC

"The work provided was amazing and the results spectacular. I recommend Denise and her company without trepidation.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative"

Tim Clark, President Cream City Foundation

"I have worked with Denise for various projects, and I can say that each time, the final result she produced was astounding. Always complete prior to deadline, and giving more than expected, Denise's professionalism, and attention to details made my job easier. I would welcome any and all opportunities to work on further projects with her."

Kate Sherry, QLife News

"I am a photographer who has worked with Denise on several projects. She is so easy to work with as she always has a clear vision of what it is that she wants to accomplish and she is a superior communicator conveying the information to me so I feel I can do the job for her the way she needs it done. Denise is well organized, prompt, creative, and a joy to work with."

Colleen Swartz, Digital Magic

Denise and Marketing Staff;

Reviewed the final copy of the catalog. Thank you for prompt completion of the last minute changes we requested to meet our needs and production deadline. The result is beautiful, accurate, informative and extremely professional looking catalog. We are certain it will greatly enhance our sales efforts. The service that all of you provided on this project will have us calling on you for some time to come.

Hope this sincere testimonial will begin to help you as much as you are helping us.

Best regards,

Jeff Benedict
President, Accomplish Quilting

P.S. Maybe I shouldn't be so truthful about what you do for us. The resulting demand may attract a huge account for you and leave me lucky to find someone half as talented.:)


My first impression is that this is an even better newsletter than our first one. I think it is beautiful! I also appreciate how well you have done in writing and preparing the text. My thanks to you and your staff for having prepared such an outstanding product!

Jeff Benedict
Accomplish Quilting, Inc.

"Well, you did it again!!! You got me to follow through on these brilliant ideas that "I" came up with. Eventually, your talent will be recognized. You consistently do this - develop practical, simple solutions to complex problems and motivate others to do them. "

Mike Jones, Six Sigma Master Black Belt Trainer
PE Systems

Thanks for teaching the workshop to our group on Saturday. Some of the things that I really liked from your workshop: Your explanation that what you do is not the "only way" or the "right way" for a given technique. This encourages the students to try your techniques and use what works for them without being intimidated.

Your relaxed, easy mannered teaching style. Again, something that helps the students relax and perform at their best. Offering encouragement to all, and offering suggestions for next steps. Very much appreciated!!

Susan Burszyk
Wisconsin Energy

Hi Denise:

It sounds like everything is in place. The numbers look great, the bookmark and call for papers are wonderful, and once again you have been instrumental in making this the most successful conference we've had. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all you've done. Consider me one of your biggest fans.

Thanks Denise!

Jen Piccotti
Quality Manager
Shea Properties

Thanks for your continued brilliance in shaping our marketing efforts.

Justine D. Michaud, MA,HHC,AADP
Village Health Clinic

I don't think I could be any happier with anything anyone could have done. They (the new marketing materials) are so me, and are absolutely incredible. I can't wait to contact current and past patients and renew my marketing efforts.

Dr. Velma Dennis, DDS
Washington Heights Dental

We love Denise and her staff of incredible professionals! Consistently we are given feedback from our clients, patients and other business contacts about the beauty of our website, brochure and advertising. The compliments about the professionalism our clinic radiates is due to receiving the complete package of services and cohesive vision Denise and her staff have been able to offer. Starting with the market analysis, moving into a marketing plan, logo design, website, advertising and business stationery, Denise has created everything we need to communicate the vision of our business into tangible tools insuring our success.

Denise has acute respond-ability via phone and e-mail. She gets back immediately, offering comprehensive, intense communication. She is able to think, respond and create simultaneously, indeed a rare talent. It is as if we have a merger of our minds with her. When our vision synthesizes with her creativity, Denise actualizes concrete products that are spectacular.

Her professionalism is demonstrated by the quality of products she produces and by her attention to detail. We never feel 'just like another customer'. She thinks about us beyond our scheduled communications. If she has an insight for the betterment of our company, she contacts us and makes suggestions. We consider her part of our team. She really understands what we are doing. Denise brings a quality of spirituality, political and social consciousness that is imperative to us at Village Health Clinic. We are so grateful to her, and plan to have her grow with us as we franchise our business across the country.

Village Health Clinic

PO Box 342376

Milwaukee, WI 53234-2376

Direct line for Denise Cawley: 414-412-9990 Facebook