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Right Brain
Right Brain
  • Identifies Patterns
  • Assigns Value
  • Follows Daydreams & Impulses
  • Imagines
  • Visual & Conceptual
  • Synthesizes
  • Values Senses
  • Spontaneous
  • Dreamy
  • Random
  • Plays & Responds
  • Processes Simultaneously
  • Meandering
  • Animates


Why would we describe our company with a brain?

We often hear...
How can I make more money consistently?

Are we spending our marketing dollars the best way?

How can I attract the kinds of customers and patients I really want to work with?

How can we effectively increase our customer base without throwing money away on advertising with no return on investment?

Circore Creative answers these questions and more. Having creativity and logic sitting at the same table let's us answer these questions for small businesses.

Denise Cawley and her design team of photographers, graphic designers, web programmers, photographers, Apple computer geeks, artists and creatives ban together to implement strategic marketing and advertising programs. While some clients "just want a website" and we can do just that, the clients that get the most out of working with us let us develop and execute an effective, targeted, marketing plan.  We will strive to make one of the complicated marketing strategies easy for businesses to benefit from.

Our services aim to pair right-brained creativity with left-brained results. So go ahead: Be Excellent. We'll Tell Everyone.


PO Box 342376

Milwaukee, WI 53234-2376

Direct line for Denise Cawley: 414-412-9990,  brains@circore.com Facebook