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Delay in turning around proofs for design, writing or payment will impede our progress. Likewise, we are partners in this process. You will need to provide feedback, content information and plan times for interviews to develop content for your business. While Circore develops the content we use information from you as our starting point. We want to see you and your business be as successful as possible. Missing deadlines means missed opportunities for your business. It is the responsibility of everyone: Circore, Denise Cawley and you the client to insure the success of your marketing.We cannot accept changes to print orders that have been placed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Customer is fully responsible for final proof and layout approval prior to the printing process.

Circore Creative is NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons:

Misspelling, Graphics, Bleeds, Grammar, Damage Fonts, Punctuation, Wrong cuts, Incorrect or Missing Folds, Die Lines, Crop Marks, Transparency, Overprint, Finished Product Size, changes in offer, corporate re-direction, downsizing, or staff changes.If you are worried about your organization’s ability to find errors when reviewing brochures, ads, and printed matter, we can hire a professional proofreader to help insure accuracy – at little cost to you. We all have to work together to catch errors and changes before a piece goes to print. This is why careful review of every proof by your organization is essential. Each piece comes with two rounds of changes in the price. If you go over and need more rounds of changes an hourly fee of $160/hour may be charged. Emails, faxes and other notations of your approval are kept in your file to help prevent any errors from going to print. Please note that any “mistakes" like spelling, price or other errors that are signed off upon by your organization cannot be fixed later and are not the responsibility of Circore.


Should we do printed mailings, your organization is responsible for providing mailing lists to us or our mail-fulfillment houses. It is imperative that the list you give us contain the addresses you want it sent to. We do not check your lists, as we do not maintain them. Options about cleaning up your mailing list may be coordinated if you request it. Ways to maintain and scrub your mailing list are concepts we can work with you and your database consultant to improve the list.


Since each order is unique to you the customer and has no re-sale value, All Sales Are Final. No Refunds or Credit. If we verify that we made an error, we will re-print the order. If it is an electronic mistake on our part we will work to correct it. We aim to please and satisfy our clients. We always work for full satisfaction for our clients.

Customer must notify Circore Creative within 4 business days of printed order acceptance to notify any defects discovered in the ordered product or the claim will be denied. In order to receive replacement customer must return 100% of the received product within 10 days (at their own expense) from the time when the ordered product delivery was taken. All charges related to expedite printing (Rush Printing or Shipping) are NOT REFUNDABLE, including for those orders that are returned for any reason.


Circore Creative is not liable for color matching or ink density on screen proofs approved by the customers. Screen proofs will predict design layout, text accuracy, image proportion and placement, but not color or density. This means that you may print your cards once a year and each time the density of the ink may be different because it was a new print run. This is not a mistake, not returnable and does not qualify for a discount.

Application of UV Coating may effect or change the appearance of the printed colors. Circore Creative is not liable for the final color appearance of a UV product/s. Circore Creative reserves the right to change the paper quality and/or type at anytime, without notifying its customers. We always strive to make equal or better paper substitutions.


You understand that all information, data, text, photographs, graphics, messages or other materials ("Content") are your sole responsibility. This means that you, and not Circore Creative are entirely responsible for all content that you use.


We always provide clients original art for their logo. If a logo is included in your contract all rights are released to use it. A logo is your original piece of art and we release it to you to do whatever you wish with it. As for letterhead, ads, and other printed marketing pieces: no other electronic files are released nor owed to you unless otherwise noted.


Numerous factors play into the success of a marketing effort. While we have not seen any clients lose money on our efforts, that is always a possibility. It is not our responsibility if your organization does not make the profit you expect. We do our very best to help minimize risk and increase success. We honestly want you to succeed and will help you do that to the best of our ability.

Circore and our designers reserve the right to use artwork created under this agreement in a portfolio and/or for self-promotional purposes only. We are a full-service marketing company and aim to help you meet your goals.

Thank you for the opportunity to bid on this project and be a part of your success.

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