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Circore Creative works best with companies that are growing, at a plateau, newly formed or needing a problem addressed. For many of our clients we are able to offer them all the services an in-house marketing department would offer, without the overhead. We structure our contracts in such a way that you can call on us without being charged for each question. It is our way of becoming one of your most valued business advisors. Ofcourse, we will take care of the things that most marketing firms take care of such as websites and printed ads, but we will also do our very best to help you make sound marketing decisions and look for ways to help you improve your revenue.

Our marketing has helped some businesses grow 5-50% in a year*, increased client bases, saved companies thousands of dollars, and helped them make more revenue.

Services offered by Denise and her design team

Common Marketing Mistakes

Often business owners look to do marketing when their sales are down. They want to hurry up and get a marketing program going, only to abandon it the moment sales are strong. Another common mistake we see are those who go to one designer for a postcard, another for a brochure, have the newspaper run ads that are different still and have their best friend's second cousin once removed build their website. While this may seem fun, it will not create a clear identity for your business. We want to help you be more strategic, more planned, and more diligent in your marketing efforts. If marketing is abandoned when sales are good you end up with hills and valleys that are difficult to manage. If you offer many different styles, and messages in your marketing customers will be confused about who you are and what you are telling them. If a customer is confused they are likely to ignore your advertising leading you to think that marketing and advertising don't work. Strategic marketing plans look to attain your goals in the most direct and targeted way possible.

*Clients all increase their profits from working with us. While many see profits increase 5-10% there are some that increase 25-50%. Recently we had one client who was projected to do $300,000 in the first year. In the first eight months of opening the client exceeded that goal, increasing revenue more than 200%.

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