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Logo samples

Why do superior products, services-even companies fail while competitors thrive? Why does the competitor with the sleazy sales technique often get the sale? Why doesn't being simply better and working harder assure success? How can you be more credentialed, offer better service, and look like a clear winner on paper but be losing to savvy competitors?

Maybe you have an existing business that you are looking to expand. Or perhaps you are starting a new business. Either way, identity and branding are key factors in building a relationship with your customers. This may involve re-positioning or revitalizing existing identities, creating new identities, or aligning your marketing with your goals.

Who are we? What do we do? Who do we do it for? How do we position ourselves relative to the competition?

Circore Creative helps you draw a map for strategically communicating your brand in the persuasive manner possible. We try to help you develop a personality for your company. We identify your unique marketing position (UMP) and incorporate that into developing your logo and brand.

Last, we work with you to show you how to consistently deliver your branded message. As Circore can take care of all your creative needs, we make sure your brand and identity are infused in every marketing effort we coordinate for you.

Sample of Logo Creation Process for AIS (pdf)

Sample of Logo Creationf Process for Rasch Orthodontics (pdf)

Sample of Logo Rebranding for Madison Smile Solutions (pdf)


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