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What colors will sell a home, a brand, a new food, a new product?

What colors will get someone to look at a product?

Are certain colors more memorable than others?

Instinctively you know that color sells and the right colors sell better. Let us help you select the right colors for your next project.

Denise Cawley has lectured and taught workshops nationally in color theory. She has worked with builders, pool designers, woodworkers, architects, business owners, fabric designers and more to help them all come up with the right color mix for their project or product. Let her intuitive sense along with her trained eye and knowledge of scientific color properties make your next project captivate your audience.

Clients who use Circore Creative for branding and logo development are treated to the extra color marketing techniques that only Denise Cawley and her team can offer.

Color marketing based on scientific data is technique we use to pair right-brained creativity with left-brained results. So go ahead: Be Excellent. We'll Tell Everyone.

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Direct line for Denise Cawley: 414-412-9990,  brains@circore.com Facebook