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Marketing Audits

Not anlyzing your business is like driving blindfolded and wondering why you keep getting in an accident.

A marketing audit is valuable whether you are just starting out or have been in business a long time. It will give you direction and help you avoid common mistakes.

The questions a business can ask are endless. We are here to prod you to ask them.

    • Are you spending too much or too little on advertising?
    • Are you getting an appropriate response for the advertising you do?
    • Do you have the best message in the advertising you do use?
    • Would online advertising help you?
    • Where should you locate your business?
    • What should you name your business?
    • Are their other businesses with similar names near your locale?
    • How do you know if you are spending money on the right advertising opportunities?
    • Do you take advantage of all free and low cost marketing opportunities available to you?
    • Are you using your marketing to educate your customers?
    • What do your customers want to know? Are they aware of all your services?

We analyze numerous sources of data in order to provide you with answers to questions like these. We will survey your customers, look at your revenue, help you track your response rates, and correlate that information with business trends in the community and your industry. We compare trends in your website with data about your customer base and competitors. We will compare and contrast, in order to help you get the most out of your marketing and keep you from getting into accidents.

Find out how to get the most out of your marketing. Let Circore Creative do a marketing audit for you today.

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