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On aspect of Circore Business Solutions' Creative Department that sets us apart from an advertising agency is our ability to analyze data, and then make a plan that fits the unique needs of your business. Every dental office, construction firm or manufacturing plant cannot be marketed the same way. Each has different constraints, features and drawbacks. For example, anyone who has taken a web course can build you a website of some sort, however, not everyone who knows web programming will look at the make up of your customers, their habits, and their needs and build you a site with the right key words, the right content and the right look to meet those needs. We think it is irresponsible to recommend an advertising plan without analyzing the data of your existing customers, your community and your market. We want to execute targeted marketing campaigns because they cost less and yield higher results.

Circore Creative coordinates all of your strategy and plans and assures that our designers follow that strategic direction. When you use us for your marketing and advertising, we assure that your plan and the components of it are all in align.

Marketing Analysis: A detailed review of the opportunities in your present location or analysis of possible locations, service expansion & product direction. Often our market analysis reports are used to secure funding for business expansion and new businesses.

Marketing Plan: A calendarized plan on how to spend your marketing dollars as well as how to increase your bottom line.

Analysis of Communication with customers and how that relates to your marketing goals.

At company X we don't just sell you the grapes, we teach you how to make award-winning wine so to speak...

X is a Process Company – they understand the sociology of different company cultures and can meld that into solving problems.

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